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As the seasons change and the weather turns to extremes, it can be easy to think your home is protected from the elements. However, it has been shown that old, outdated windows can account for close to 40% of your annual heating and cooling expenses; save yourself the extra money by repairing your drafty windows with Gizmo Glass. Just one phone call to our neighborhood experts can give you breathtaking new views, allowing you to open up the brightness in your home by replacing those outdated glass pane windows with brilliant new clear glass. You’ll benefit from decreased energy costs and improved energy efficiency, which will result in long-term financial savings.

If you have noticed that your home is not as insulated as it once was, you are not alone! There are a few things that you can observe to see if your windows require attention. Do the surfaces feel different to the touch? Have you seen condensation forming between the glass panes? Do you feel a draft coming from your windows? It’s possible that your windows lack insulation, allowing warm summer or freezing winter air into your house. 

If you want to save the most money, consider repairing those old windows! Gizmo Glass offers window glass replacement that provide top-notch energy-saving features to help you lower your energy costs all year round. To increase the energy efficiency of your home without losing aesthetic that aesthetic touch, we offer different materials and service options. Whatever style you decide on, you can relax knowing that your windows are energy efficient and built to last!

Spending money on replacing your windows is not always the right move, and in some cases can waste money. Call the neighborhood experts at Gizmo Glass Replacement to ensure your home will remain pleasant all year long with premium replacement window glass while saving you money on your energy expenses. Contact Gizmo Glass as soon as you’re prepared to begin your window glass repair.  Book an in-home estimate right away!

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